Mitigating Damage

ivomec for ticks and fleas on dogs Every company is subject to occurrences that can damage the organization and its reputation. These events can harm a company in a variety of ways. They can turn the perception of a company’s senior management from strong to weak and non-committal. They can position executives as insensitive and uncaring or lead consumers to question a company’s motivation.

co je ivermectin dressily The events themselves can be of less importance than how these factors are perceived and managed. The way in which negative factors are handled by a company can shorten, prolong or dramatically blunt their effects. Handled properly, most problems can provide CEOs with opportunities to demonstrate their leadership, their concern for employees and customers.

up-and-down neurontin withdrawal diarrhea Marston works closely with C-suite executives and with senior internal public relations staff to fully understand a given issue, identify its potential harm to the company, determine possible communications opportunities and devise a strategy to mitigate the potential negative effects of the situation.