C-Suite Consulting

Advice that is tailored to the particular needs of CEOs, C-suite and other senior executives is of interest to many of our clients and we offer a number of products in this area.

Bob Marston, founder of MSC, and Mike Millican, president of the firm, frequently are retained to work directly with CEOs and other senior management executives to deal with threats to a company’s reputation that require delicate negotiations. These threats can include:

  • Sudden or unexpected resignations of senior executives
  • Attacks and/or strikes by labor unions
  • Adverse effects of inaccurate media reporting
  • Pressure from shareholder activists

Bob Marston’s long-established relationships with senior executives of Fortune 100 companies provide him with the contacts that enable introductions and partnerships for the firm’s clients. Leveraging these relationships has reaped significant benefits for our clients. Marston has helped clients find new sources of funds to build their businesses, assisted clients in expanding their customer base, strengthen their industry influence and create opportunities to enter new markets.