Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Marston has a long history of positioning biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer healthcare provider companies, large or small, ahead of their competition.

Whether we are working with clients to launch new products, get clients out ahead of a medical breakthrough, or educate consumers and relevant trade industries about our clients’ products and services, we have significant experience effectively communicating with all target audiences.

We provide media contacts detailed information that speaks to their readers/viewers/listeners. Through the media, we educate consumers about unmet needs for treating certain medical or health conditions and direct attention to our clients’ products that may meet those needs. We understand scientific/medical language and communicate effectively with the scientific/medical community. We also effectively turn medical jargon into consumer-friendly language.

To build client brands, we employ a variety of tactics to secure traditional and social media coverage, including:

  • Identifying and training articulate spokespersons
  • Coordinating press events and individualized media visits
  • Orchestrating market-by-market radio and TV media tours
  • Distribution of pre-packaged audio, TV, print and online news releases
  • Creation of media materials, including releases, fact sheets, product images/b-roll and side-bar stories

The Marston team has successfully helped introduce billion-dollar products that treat such maladies as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, acid reflux, prostate disease and numerous other medical conditions.