CEO Counsel

Many CEOs are truly isolated in their positions. The most difficult thing for a CEO, new or experienced, to ascertain in his company is the truth, because even his most senior executives fear the consequences of being party to a difficult decision gone wrong. These executives may agree with their bosses, even when they know that the course selected is wrong. Unfortunately, playing it safe, avoiding controversy and fulfilling the chief’s demands is the name of the game today in too many top corporations.

To provide CEOs with expert unbiased counsel, Marston believes that astute CEOs should rely on independent advisors to help them deal with what they consider to be insurmountable dilemmas. It’s our view that CEOs who are dealing with complex, delicate matters should retain independent legal counsel to oversee legal decisions, an independent PR expert to second-guess and provide an independent and non-partisan opinion on critical communications issues and, perhaps, an overall senior mentor to deal with other matters like CEOs’ relationships with their boards and dealing with the stress of their jobs.

Bob Marston and his senior staff have acted as independent advisors for scores of Fortune 100 companies and played pivotal behind-the-scenes roles in critical strategic decisions.