Possible But Not Probable

The conflagrations of California with tens of thousands of structures burned has opened the question again of¬†building for wildfires. It is possible to design and construct a structure that won’t go up in flames, but there is little chance of that happening. There are too many vested interests in traditional construction. So, if houses are erected on the scorched earth again, they are likely to be stick-built wood and sheetrock with flammable roofing material. It would take a major publicity campaign, a change in zoning laws and contractor requirements to prevent future destruction. At this juncture, while citizens are digging through remains of their homes and searching for whatever was not destroyed, it might be too early to act. People are grieving for loss of loved ones and possessions. But there isn’t much time before citizens will seek permits to rebuild. It is then local authorities must be ready with new requirements.